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Thank you for visiting the Mort Comic blog!  Your place for the backstory details behind the Sino-centric comic book series ‘Mort in China’.

Many people that live outside Chinese Culture find it hard to grasp, and are often unsure about which sources are most reliable.  Mort was created by two expats, a cartoonist and a business-woman, with a collective 16 years in China as a way for foreigners to access Chinese culture and for Chinese to see a new take on their own culture.

Mort in China

The series follows Mort, a collection agent for the Final Destinations Afterlife Travel Agency.  Mort is tasked with retrieving the souls of the recently departed and easing them into the afterlife.  Our unlikely hero is so good at his job that when management realises that there are major inconsistencies occurring in the China branch office, Mort is assigned to investigate and correct these errors.

In China Mort encounters many of the traditional characters from Chinese folklore such as Yanluo Wang, Black and White, Zhong Kui, and an energetic fox fairy named Bella.  Mort quickly runs into trouble as he begins the daunting task of trying to successfully navigate the complex nuances of Chinese culture.

Another common theme of the books is overcoming “Death Denial” and the fear of death.  Mort is intentionally drawn in a chibi style in order to lessen the impact of who he really is, and make him approachable.  In doing so, the comic often urges the reader to stop fearing death and make the most of living.

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