Crisis Schmises, we’re starting a company!

Welcome to the official “Mort in China” Blog! We can prove its official because we live in China, and just like everything else here we had to go through a lot of paperwork to make it official.

business and art

We are Kat and Vali; a young couple that met and fell in love in Beijing, China: a city known around the world for pollution, food scares, swine flu, and romance! Katerina is Macedonian, and Vali is English-American. About four years ago we began to work on our own T-shirt brand called “A Little Bit Apparel” or ALBA for short (any die-hard Monty Python fan will get the reference), which to our surprise progressed into a cartoon IP brand… and now we have series of comic book called ‘Mort in China”.  We decided to write this blog in order to share our experiences, and perhaps maybe, just to get a few people interested in our comic along the way.

Keep following this blog and you’ll get to read all about the nuances of starting a business abroad, the China expat experience, and helpful tips on how not to strangle your spouse when your business and personal lives are so closely intertwined. Vali will be writing about the creative side of our business: storytelling, doing comics, drawing, just to mention a few. While Katerina will be writing about business, & entrepreneurship in China, as well as what makes the comic industry in China so ungraspable to western eyes. Through her posts you can find out how we built a brand from scratch, how to start a business in China, how to keep your motivation when facing/dealing with insurmountable challenges such as the Chinese culture.

Keep following, its sure to be interesting!