Mort’s Mission: Life Isn’t Fun Without A Little Bit Apparel

The grim reaper has a reputation for being terrifying. Many people consider reapers as something ultimately scary. Mort, like any other reaper is not there to kill people, but usher them into the afterworld. Yet there are so many people out there who are terrified of reapers, who are afraid to die.


The purpose of Mort’s creation is to make people less afraid of Death through understanding the purpose of life. Mort tells us that death isn’t something we should be so afraid of. In fact, there is something even scarier than death, and that is life not lived to it’s fullest. Too many people are so afraid to die that they forget to “live”. Mort says that we are not given our lives to make them last forever. We don’t need to live forever, but we just have to “live”. Therefore, the meaning of our lives is not to be found in trying to find stability/security, by avoiding to take any risk in order to protect ourselves from dying.

Mort encourages us to take calculated risks and do the most we can to enjoy our life, to give it a meaning. For death is inevitable, everyone must die. It’s just the things we’ve done during our lives that help to sweeten the bitterness of that ultimate moment which can’t be avoided. It is the risk we’ve dared to take throughout our lives that would make that ultimate moment less regretful.

Mort’s message to all of us is to live our life to the fullest by having our own dreams and take the risk, the action to make them come true. So that when we meet him one day, we would have no regrets for we hadn’t led an empty life.



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