Mort’s Job: The Psychopomp

Depending on culture and time period, humans have had various perspectives on how they personify death.  These personifications are collectively called “psychopomps”.  These anthropomorphic personifications are sometimes seen as malevolent beings who’s job it is to rob life from the living, by administering a ‘touch of death’.  At other points in time or in other cultures these psychopomps are instead tasked with the job of benevolently ushering the dearly departed to the next world.

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Mort and the other Reapers of the Final Destinations Afterlife Travel Agency fall into the latter category.  In Mort’s story, the afterlife, much like everything else has become a privatised industry who’s representatives go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, in most of Mort’s daily encounters with souls, many people don’t want to die. Prior to ushering them into the afterlife, negotiation with the departed is almost unavoidable.  Mort been accused many times of lying, been threatened with lawsuits,

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offered bribes,

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and had to chase after the unwilling all because they want another shot at life or they feel they have unfinished business. All this has made Mort not only a great negotiator, but also a good grief counselor. A small percentage of souls however, look back at their lives and realize that they had happy, fulfilling lives and proceed gracefully into the afterlife.



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