Mort is a diminutive collection agent, or ‘Reaper’, for the ‘Final Destinations Afterlife Travel Agency’ a global corporation that provides the service of sending departed souls on the afterlife vacations they so richly deserve. *  Mort thoroughly enjoys his work, so much so that he has achieved the rank of the company’s Number 2 Collection Agent.  Like many of the top reapers, Mort works out of the company’s US headquarters.  Mort sees his job as a necessity to maintaining global order and balance.  He is happy go lucky, generally well-balanced, and fiercely devoted to his work.


As a person, Mort is incredibly organized and likes everything to be orderly and controlled.  He lives by himself in a small but ample apartment where he keeps his potted plants and small mementos from his 500 or so years of working as a Reaper.

Mort Gardening Blue long

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Since he is so focused on order and control, it can be easy for him to become frustrated when things become messy or disorganised.

In the first book of the Mort miniseries, our hero is faced with a real challenge:  he is assigned to the company’s China branch to root out and correct the cause of the office’s persistent efficiency problems.

*Not all offers and karma vouchers valid.  Vacation packages are determined by eligibility.  See brochure for details.

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