Mort’s Mission: Life Isn’t Fun Without A Little Bit Apparel

The grim reaper has a reputation for being terrifying. Many people consider reapers as something ultimately scary. Mort, like any other reaper is not there to kill people, but usher them into the afterworld. Yet there are so many people out there who are terrified of reapers, who are afraid to die. The purpose of … More Mort’s Mission: Life Isn’t Fun Without A Little Bit Apparel

Mort’s Job: The Psychopomp

Depending on culture and time period, humans have had various perspectives on how they personify death.  These personifications are collectively called “psychopomps”.  These anthropomorphic personifications are sometimes seen as malevolent beings who’s job it is to rob life from the living, by administering a ‘touch of death’.  At other points in time or in other … More Mort’s Job: The Psychopomp


Mort is a diminutive collection agent, or ‘Reaper’, for the ‘Final Destinations Afterlife Travel Agency’ a global corporation that provides the service of sending departed souls on the afterlife vacations they so richly deserve. *  Mort thoroughly enjoys his work, so much so that he has achieved the rank of the company’s Number 2 Collection … More Mort